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Magento 2 Import + Export Wishlist Items (CSV)

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This magento 2 extension allows you to import and export your magento wishlist items in bulk via csv.

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This extension for Magneto 2 allows you to import and export your Magento wish list items in bulk via csv format. It assigns wishlist items to exisitng customers by email address and you can even bulk delete search terms with this extension.

For example you could use this extension to transfer existing wish list items from either a Magento 1 installation or a 3rd party data source and import them directly into your new Magento 2 installation. It could also be used to update and maintain existing wishlist data and can be very useful for medium to large sites that could have thousands of customers with items in their wishlists. The ability to bulk edit this amount of data in a spreadsheet is the fastest way to manage the data.

All documentation for install and user instructions as well as sample csv's are included. Feel free to email me directly at scottbolasevich@gmail.com with any questions

Extension Features:

- Import/Export wish list items

- Supports All wish list item values (added_at , customer_email , product_id or sku , description , qty , store id )

- Can transfer wishlist items from M1 to M2 installs or visversa.

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