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Merge Multiple Store Customers to Master Store

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  • List of all duplicate customer accounts from all stores and merge to master store
  • Successfully Saved as Global
  • Error when trying to switch customer to Global
  • Successful Merge of Customers

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Can’t share customer accounts globally? Get the "same email exist on multiple websites" error? This extension will merge all duplicate customers from all websites into a single site.

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Can’t share customer accounts globally because some customer accounts with the same email exist on multiple websites and cannot be merged. If you are getting this error when trying to set Share Customer Accounts to "Global" then this extension is your solution. It's a common mistake to not have this set from the start and once your store has been live for a period of time its likely you will have customers that registered from more then 1 store with the same email address. Once this happens you will get the above mention error when trying to set as "Global".

This extension allows you to select a MASTER Store and then "merge" or convert the customers other account orders and invoices into the "master account" from the "master store" and then it will delete all other accounts. So once the merge is done you have 1 customer/email account and it now has all the orders from all other accounts. Once you merge all customers this extension allows you to then set the customers to "global" instead of the default "per website". Email scottbolasevich@gmail.com with any questions

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