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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Tool

Magento to Magento Migration Sync Tool

Magento to Magento

Proven migration tool for Magento, helps you migrate your products, customers, customer passwords, customer reviews, orders, categories, search terms, shopping cart rules, URL rewrties etc,… from Magento to Magento with ease!

Also great for site-to-site synchronization such as reseller stores.

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Supported Versions

- From source store: Magento CE 1.1.x - 1.9, EE 1.9 - 1.14
- To target store: Magento CE 1.4 - 1.9, EE 1.9 - 1.14


What data can I migrate?


 Data Type  Entities Supported


Product information

All Product Types and related product data such as but not limited to Product Name, Product Description, Quantity, Weight, Created Date, Modified Date, Price, Special Price, Tax Class etc.

Product Extra Fields

Any Additional fields that were manually created.

Product Images

Will Transfer all product images / gallery images from source store to target store

Multi Store Data / Multi Store Views

Will Transfer all product data from EACH store view. Good for store setups where you have different titles and descriptions on each product per store view. Also has option to map storeIDs in cases where source install and target install do NOT have matching store Ids.

Product Variants / Custom Options

A specific item, it can be grouped with related variants together to form a product, e.g. an iPhone 6 gold,16GB storage has SKU of 1234 is one product variant of the iPhone product.

Product Tags

Related / Cross-sell / Up sell Products


Attribute Sets

Will transfer all attribute sets from source to target install

Attributes and Related Attribute Values

Will transfer all attributes and all attribute values for all store views from source to target install. Extension even has built-in mapping tool to map old store ID to new store ID in cases where store Ids are different between stores.



All category data and all store view data. Category Meta Data / Category Description and related category settings

Category Images

Will transfer Images corresponding to the categories assigned in magento admin (e.g category thumb / category main image).


Customers Information

First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, DOB, Phone,Home Address, Shipping Address,  Billing Address, Registered Date, Status, etc.

Customers Password

Support migration of Customer Passwords provided the hash key is the same in the app/etc/local.xml

Customer Groups

Allows to migrate customers preserving relationships with their groups.


Orders Information

Customer Information, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Currency, Order Statuses, Totals, Created Date, etc.

Order Details

List of products in an order, e.g. Product Name, Price, Quantity, etc. of each product in an order.


Migrate all Urls / URL Rewrites

Redirect your old Source Store Products, Categories page URLs to the corresponding pages in your Magento, will be able to keep SEO ranking you have built up for years.

Custom Fields

Migrate Custom Fields

Support migrating custom fields of products and customers

Customer Reviews

Review Information

Reviews of each product made by customer on your store including: Customers Name, Rating, Review, etc.


Tax details

Name, Value, Value Type (percent or exact value in default currency), Created Date, etc.

Shopping Cart Rules

Shopping Cart Rules

Migrate all Shopping Cart Rules from source to target install.

Search Terms

Search Terms

Migrate all search terms data from source to target install.


List of currency rates.


Additional Features



Additional Features

Feature Description



Migrate Most Recent Data

Provides functionality to move any piece of data (products, customers, orders etc) and additionally can move all or partial amount of that data. Great for migration of recent data from last point of previous migration.


Create product attribute values at time of import based on combinations of their attributes values Good when doing a most recent data transfer and you've already brought over attributes / attribute sets / attribute values but the recent data contains maybe new color (aqua).. no need to run attributes import and product import.. can be handled all in one import with product data at one time and ensures no data is missed.


Create product variants based on combinations of their attributes values

This option allows creating product variants based on the available combinations of attribute values


Keep same order IDs on Target Store

Extension will allow you to keep same order IDs during the migration, e.g. Order #10000023 on Source Store is migrated as the Target Store Order #10000023


Keep same customer IDs on Target Store

Extension will allow you to keep same customer IDs during the migration, e.g. Customer #420 on Source Store is migrated as the Target Store customer #420


Transfer images in product descriptions to your Target Store Allow to migrate product images, category images from Source Store to the Target Store


Historical Data Transfer

Import orders even if products no longer exists for those orders or product for that order has a inventory that is out-of-stock. Also will keep all historical product pricing on transfer. Helps work around issues that arise from product catalog's that change every year or expired skus and/or product with sku's that changed, pricing that changes on same sku etc.


Easy Migration Easy Migration process that is quick and straight forward. You don't need to have any technical knowledge to go through the process


Money Back Guarantee

YES, If the extension does not work for your case by following our setup instructions, or it does not live up to what has been advertised, we will refund with full amount. You will have 7 days to try out the product and ensure you made the right decision.


Supports Latest Version Magento

All versions of magento are supported. Including Community and Enterprise Edition. Please also keep us in mind for future transfers to the soon to be released Magento 2!!