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Refund Policy

We offer money back guarantee for all of our extensions with the following cases:

1. Our extension has an error on magento default(meaning only source magento + our extension, no 3rd parties) extensions installed after.

2. If errors (with condition 1) in the process of the install, please contact me directly for help with installing. if the extension can not be properly install the extension on your site, a refund will be given.

3. The extension gets an error(with condition 1) on your site which no support or fix can be provided. This does NOT include server specific problems or server performance based errors such as memory time outs etc

4. After receiving your installation requirement, within 48 hours of the request the install for the extension is not complete.

5. All refund request are only within 30 days of purchase if the condition(1,2,3,4) are right. No refunds will be given for cases after 7 days since the date of your purchase even the condition (1,2,3,4) are right.

6. We will not refund for services / time spent even the condition (5) are right.

7. We will not refund for upgraded license even the condition (1,2,3,4,5) are right.

8. We will not refund even when you was placed order and downloaded our extension, but you did not use it for any reason. We just refund if the condition (1,2,3,4,5) are right.

Please contact me at scottbolasevich@gmail.com with your order information and provide link to prove that the extension has an error to request the refund. Please remember no refunds will be given for any fee you paid for installation and/or any other consulting or development services. You will receive refund within 7days since your request is processed.