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Import + Export Bulk Magento URL REWRITES (CSV/XML)

Import + Export Bulk Magento URL REWRITES (CSV/XML)

Product Review (submitted on May 14, 2017):
This has by far been our most useful paid extension.
But we own several from this developer.
Since Magento crates endless spaghetti out of url rewrites, we need to frequently dump/refresh the index.
There are tons of videos online that tell you how to clear and recreate the url-rewrite index. But we have thousands of custom urls also. How does one preserve those?
Easy with this tool! Export all url rewrites to csv or xml, run a system re-index. Then upload only the custom re-writes.
It's part of our stand routine maintenance to keep magento fast and lean.
We currently use 1.9 but this also worked for us on 1.7 and -1.8
Highly recommended.