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Magento 2 SITE 2 SITE Sync / Migration Transfer Wizard Bundle

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Regular Price: $499.99

Special Price $399.99


This Magento 2 extension is a combination of all of the import and export extensions bundled together and includes a very easy to use GUI interface that makes transferring data between magento installs super easy. The Magento 2 Site 2 Site Transfer Wizard bundle includes the following extensions

- import + export products

- import + export attributes

- import + export categories

- import + export orders

- import + export customers

- import + export customer reviews

- import + export shopping cart rules / coupon codes

- import + export search terms

The extension handles things like moving images with product or category data from one site to another. It has the ability to map store_ids / website codes or other internal values between installs even in cases where the values are different. For example old site is store_ids (0,1,2) and new site is store_ids (0,3,14) it can map the storeID 1 to new storeID 13 via the admin interface making transfer of data a breeze. All exports and imports can be run by cron job so this process could be automated as no changes to the exported data need to be made to properly import into any new install.

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