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UNIRGY - uRapidFlow

UNIRGY - uRapidFlow

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  • UNIRGY - uRapidFlow

Quick Overview

Our Magento import and export extension provides advanced catalog and high-speed data import and export.

* Required Fields




* Original extension includes product import/export (see add-ons for more data types)

* Ignore empty or commented out rows

* No internal entity IDs exported/needed

* CSV file encoding per profile

* Recognize and skip records that do not require update

* Extensive data validation with detailed reporting

* If row contains multiple errors and warnings, log them all

* Import/export from/to remote location using FTP

* Stable small footprint memory usage

* Dry-run option to validate import file without changing data

* When importing products, automatically create option values and attribute sets when needed (optional)

* Automatically re-index catalog areas or refresh different cache types on profile completion, in any order

* Export imported file as Excel spreadsheet with cell-by-cell marking of errors and warnings, with explanations

* Import/export image files

* Import image files directly from HTTP URLs

* Single and batched scheduled sessions using cronjobs

* Import/export profile configuration


* Save set of import/export sessions and run with one click

* Access import/export functions using Magento API (SOAP, XMLRPC)

* Upload/download all your data in one archive, and the extension will take care of the rest

* Import/export from/to remote location using SFTP, FTPS, etc.

* Other types of data in Magento

Usage ideas:

* Quick data entry

* Make installation independent catalog backups

* Mass update your catalog in Excel (export, edit, import)

* Migrate to clean new Magento version (export from old, import to new)

* Synchronize data between Magento installations

* Recover whatever is still possible from broken installation

* Delete or rename products or catalog extra data based on a criteria

* Integrate with other applications using CSV, SOAP or XMLRPC interface

Benchmarks on our dev hosting with real data:

* Export ~78,994 products with 120 attributes and ~1,574 inline categories: ~25 minutes (52 rows/second)

* Import ~78,994 products with 120 attributes and ~1,574 inline categories: ~33 minutes (39 rows/seccond) - depends on number of changes required and number of attributes

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