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Magento TIER 2 Support

Magento TIER 2 Support

Quick Overview

Magento TIER 2 Support


TIER 2 Support - 50 USD for 30 days of support

  • - Direct email support. Email the developer anytime at scottbolasevich@gmail.com
  • - Access to updates / bug fixes 6 months from date of purchase
  • - Data Review
    This includes the REVIEWING of customer data for issues/potential problems such as data mismatch and conflicting data. Things like store_id being incorrect or using both customer_id and email in same file. Or incorrect values in files.. like status and value is 1 when it should be Enabled. This covered checking/verifying proper CSV format. This DOES NOT include correcting or adjusting the customers data. It is just reviewing it for issues with importing the data and reporting any findings to the customer via email.
  • - Magento Admin Onsite Support
    This includes initial setup or configuration. Adjustment of settings. Enabling/Disabling and resolving or looking into issues that can be solved only with magento admin access. This does NOT cover in depth debugging or resolution of database or php errors etc
  • - Magento 2 SSH Onsite Support
    This includes ssh into the magento2 installation. Running of any commands (setup:upgrade/di:compile/ deploying static-content). Reindexing / Clearing cache etc.**NOTE this is for magento2 installations only

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